Share Rocket's
Monetize Web App

Advanced analysis tool

Share Rocket’s Monetize web app tracks and evaluates social posts performance allowing for precise pricing of marketing campaigns. The tool dedicated for TV stations follows the same principles as their sales departments are used to. Sales teams can easily quote and estimate the impact of marketing campaigns.

Our Roles
UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

Vue.js Front-end Development

Vue.js Front‑end Development

Vue.js based front-end

Visla developers use Vue.js – modern, efficient and flexible JavaScript framework for building web app interfaces. Vue.js allows for creating reusable components and views. Due to its strict files structure, it’s by design clean and easy to maintain. Together with Vuex and Lodash add-ons, Vue.js allows for very efficient data handling that can be experienced by the seamless app’s interface.

Kanban and list views

Keeping in mind users’ flexibility we created 2 distinctive views representing the same information, yet in a very different way. The kanban-like view gives an overview of campaign quotes and their performance while list view allows for very detailed data presentation.

Wizard-like quote creation

Visla UX Team developed quote wizard that allows for precise estimation of social campaigns and seamless creation of ready to send PDF quotes.

Ads publishing and edition

The long-term goal is to create a tool allowing for streamlining of ads sales workflow. The video editor and direct facebook publishing feature are one of the elements helping to achieve this. Videos can be branded and published to FB’s wall directly from Monetize software and then instantly tracked for performance.

Posts performance analytics

The assets, whole campaigns and single, facebook posts are tracked for performance. The Visla team developed different dashboard layouts that allow for easy overview of performance data on each level of granularity.

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