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Share Rocket is a social media ratings solution, measuring Social Equity™ performance within the context of your peers, competitors & market.

Share Rocket Mobile App provides real time content scoring that shows media companies the top and trending content their audience is most engaged with.

Our Responsibilities
Usability Research

Usability Research

UX/UI Design

UX/UI Design

iOS Development

iOS Development

The Flow

Every design process begins with discovery and market research. We discuss project throughout with stakeholders and analyze competitors and influencers looking for opportunities.

To create a base that keeps development and design teams on track we start from creating app flow chart that evolves down the road.

Usability Research

Usability research is conducted before any "hardcore" software development is even started. This way you get feedback from users, when still any changes in the app are not costly.

Tests are based on a graphical prototype (interactive mockups). Test users try perform various tasks and we track how well they succeed.

App Design & Development

Having fresh and meaningful feedback from test users, our UX team improved designs to reflect new findings.

The development team starts working once most screens and interactions are designed. Both UX and development teams work closely together to the final release of the app.

The project was managed in the Agile SCRUM methodology, with weekly meetings with the Customer's team.

Thanks to this, any misunderstandings could be quickly resolved, without the need of serious changes at later stages.


Months of development


Team members


Screens implemented


User test rounds

Visla Team

Key Features

Powerful Metrics

Detailed and up to date social trends presented with beautiful charts and clean diagrams.

Social Performance Tracking

Users can compare to other peers in the market. They are encouraged to define their goals and improve their social presence.

Instant Updates

Know what posts are trending and what social buzz is about.

Usability tests

We always try to involve users in the process from the very beginning. Conducting usability tests on prototypes allow us to confront our app’s idea before actual development starts. We test crucial flows, find out what features are problematic and how users deal with basic tasks.

Check out example usability test report:

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